Soundcard (sscape) Detection Problems

Andrew Boothman andrew at
Sat Sep 11 00:47:34 BST 1999

On 07-Sep-99 Andrew Boothman wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm running 3.1-Release and i'm trying to get the sscape and sscape_mss
> drivers
> configured and working with my Ensioniq Soundscape. But I'm continually
> getting
> sscape0 not found at 0x330
> sscape_mss0 not found at 0x534
> (or similar) at bootup.

OK. I've never had an answer to this on any of the mailing lists! So I must be
wording it wrong, or else I'm the only one trying to do this!

How about: does anyone have any general advice on what you can do to find the
IRQ etc. of a PnP card, and therefore allow this to be entered into the config
of a non PnP driver?

I have the output of pnpinfo, but I can't make any sense of it. And none of the
addresses on the output seem to work.

Thanks for any help!
Andrew Boothman <andrew at>
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