3.2 kernel problems

Andrew Dennis ajdennis at terrapin-station.demon.co.uk
Thu Sep 9 20:11:14 BST 1999

I am trying to build a custom kernel for my laptop using release 3.2.
Everything seems to be going alright, made a copy of GENERIC and renamed,
edited various bits and pieces, did the /usr/sbin/config bit,
did make depend ok, did make ok, did make install ok. On rebooting I get the
following message;

config> di zp0
No such device: zp0
Invalid command or syntax. Type '?' for help

The above is repeated for all of these devices ze0, lnc0, le0, ie0, fe0,
ex0, ep0, ed0, cs0, wt0, scd0, mcd0, matcd0, bt0, aha0, adv0

It doesn't seem to affect anything, it just irritates me.

Any idea what is wrong and how do I fix it?

andrew dennis

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