PPP Callback

Brian Somers brian at awfulhak.org
Wed Sep 8 14:19:46 BST 1999

> Hi Brian;
> Thanks for replying.. 
> >With callback, you must be able to pick up the return call as if it 
> >was a completely separate setup - the calling ppp doesn't magically 
> >know how to pick up an incoming call.
> Yeap, It's already configured to be a dial-up box via mgetty and ppp
> -direct.
> >Also, if you're talking to a M$ server that want's chap 
> >authentication, you'd better build ppp after you've installed DES on 
> >your system.
> It is wanting chap, and we have rebuilt ppp already :-)
> >Apart from that, what seems to be the problem ?
> Unsure really. The NT server seems not to like it much. I've posted the
> logs at http://www5.shellnet.co.uk/callback/ (rather than posting to the
> list) if this is any assistance to you - i'd appreciate the assistance
> :)

Looks like there are two problems.  The first one (which is what's 
failing at the moment) is that you've got PAP ``enable''d.  The peer 
is refusing to authenticate using pap and is rejecting the request.

You probably need to remove the ``enable'' line or try enabling chap 
or mschap etc.

Second, you've got ``set callback auth''.  I believe M$ only 
understands CBCP, so you'll need to ``set callback cbcp'' and either 
``set cbcp *'' if you want the peer to choose the number it dials 
back on or ``set cbcp 1234567'' to ask the peer to dial back on 

> Thanks;
> Steven Fletcher - steven at shellnet.co.uk / flec at flec.co.uk
>        Shellnet - http://www.shellnet.com

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