PPP Callback

Brian Somers brian at awfulhak.org
Tue Sep 7 15:30:37 BST 1999

> Has anyone ever got callback going when dialing into an NT RAS server?
> We seem to be having a bit of difficulty with it and would appreciate
> any info with what to do and what not to do on the NT side specifically,
> as I suspect that it is this side that is causing the problems...
> Thanks;

With callback, you must be able to pick up the return call as if it 
was a completely separate setup - the calling ppp doesn't magically 
know how to pick up an incoming call.

Also, if you're talking to a M$ server that want's chap 
authentication, you'd better build ppp after you've installed DES on 
your system.

Apart from that, what seems to be the problem ?

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