How to stop fetchmail(1)

Brian Somers brian at
Tue Sep 7 05:58:19 BST 1999

> > Fetchmail seems to be very reliable in background mode.  With my arms 
> > closed and my eyes tied behind my head,
>              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Sounds like too much Guinness to me Brian:)


> > I'd guess that it finishes 
> > downloading the current message and exits cleanly..... or in the 
> > worst case, it just drops the half-downloaded data on the floor 
> > knowing that it'll stay on the server anyway.
> > 
> > I often remove the transport from under fetchmail and haven't seen 
> > any suspicious duplicates (or ``holes'') yet.
> > 
> OK. I have it set up to start (``fetchmail -d 30'') in ppp.linkup
> and ``shell fetchmail --quit'' in ppp.linkdown. From what you are
> saying I may as well just start the daemon in /etc/rc.conf and not
> bother stopping it when closing ppp, would you agree?

Yep, I believe that'd work fine as long as you set your dial and 
alive filters to ignore port 110.

I actually run fetchmail on my laptop, but only when I'm at work.  At 
home, fetchmail runs on a back end box, so I have the .linkup/
.linkdown setup.  I actually use ``killall fetchmail'' in 
ppp.linkdown because I didn't know about ``fetchmail --quit'' :-P

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