How to stop fetchmail(1)

Brian Somers brian at
Tue Sep 7 00:24:29 BST 1999

> The manpage shows ``fetchmail --quit'' as the way to kill the
> fetchmail daemon but it doesn't state *how* it kills it. Does it
> just kill the daemon unconditionally or, and I suspect this is the
> case, if fetchmail is currently getting mail does it wait until
> the daemon goes back to the idle state before killing it?

Fetchmail seems to be very reliable in background mode.  With my arms 
closed and my eyes tied behind my head, I'd guess that it finishes 
downloading the current message and exits cleanly..... or in the 
worst case, it just drops the half-downloaded data on the floor 
knowing that it'll stay on the server anyway.

I often remove the transport from under fetchmail and haven't seen 
any suspicious duplicates (or ``holes'') yet.

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