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Andrew Boothman andrew at
Sat Sep 4 17:32:46 BST 1999

On 02-Sep-99 Mark Ovens wrote:
>       "Indeed, FreeBSD has its roots in software written long
>       before Linux had ever been thought of."
> I have seen a quote that purportedly came from Linus himself that
> went something like; "If FreeBSD had appeared 2 years earlier,
> Linux would not have happened". It would be good if we could track
> this down and establish a provenence for it.

I'll look into this.

>       "FreeBSD is not Linux. And Linux is not FreeBSD. FreeBSD
>       is derived from very old code, has a long history, has a
>       single unifying development project and benefits from it.
>       Linux is Unix-like, recently written, has no unifying
>       development project and benefits from it. The two are very
>       much complementary operating systems with much to offer
>       those who investigate the choices and opportunities available
>       to them. But one thing is for sure. A little red demon is
>       a MUCH better logo then a little penguin!
> I think this paragraph could be mis-construed as "FreeBSD > Linux"
> thus prompting a flamewar (the last sentence is obviously
> tongue-in-cheek). I really think we should make a concerted effort
> in our submissions to the mag to put across the message that we
> (the FreeBSD community) is NOT anti-Linux.

I'm not so sure. I very deliberately point out, "the two are very much
complimentary operating systems", but I accept that we need to be explicit in
making people understand our position on Linux. I'll make a few changes.

>       "...flavor....license...."
> Please, please, please can we use *English*, not American!!!!!

Damn StarOffice spellchecker!

How does what I wrote fit into other people's opinion of what we should be
aiming for? Length? Content? Tone? All opinions are welcome!
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