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On Thu, Sep 02, 1999 at 11:35:00PM +0100, Andrew Boothman wrote:
> On 01-Sep-99 Roger Hardiman wrote:
> > I stuck my neck out and volunteered our User Group to write
> > a few things.
> OK. I've had a go at this. I wasn't really sure about what we wanted, so I just
> wrote what came intro my head.
> Comments and flames very welcome!
> Have a look at

Excellent!. I'd like to make a couple of comments thought (not flames):

	"Indeed, FreeBSD has its roots in software written long
	before Linux had ever been thought of."

I have seen a quote that purportedly came from Linus himself that
went something like; "If FreeBSD had appeared 2 years earlier,
Linux would not have happened". It would be good if we could track
this down and establish a provenence for it.

	"Hotmail (who still use FreeBSD despite now being
	part of MSN)"
It might make the point more forcefully to use "Microsoft" instead
of "MSN".

	"FreeBSD is not Linux. And Linux is not FreeBSD. FreeBSD
	is derived from very old code, has a long history, has a
	single unifying development project and benefits from it.
	Linux is Unix-like, recently written, has no unifying
	development project and benefits from it. The two are very
	much complementary operating systems with much to offer
	those who investigate the choices and opportunities available
	to them. But one thing is for sure. A little red demon is
	a MUCH better logo then a little penguin!

I think this paragraph could be mis-construed as "FreeBSD > Linux"
thus prompting a flamewar (the last sentence is obviously
tongue-in-cheek). I really think we should make a concerted effort
in our submissions to the mag to put across the message that we
(the FreeBSD community) is NOT anti-Linux.


Please, please, please can we use *English*, not American!!!!!

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