FreeBSD Articles for new LINUX ANSWERS magazine

Culf culf at
Thu Sep 2 12:20:43 BST 1999


It was largely the sentiments expressed here by David and others that
mrompted me to forward the details to Roger; it seems this is a good
opportunity to get in early and contribute, but having it called "Linux
Answers" from the start immediately takes some of the wind out of the 
sails of the BSD community as a whole.  Not that we want to be seen to be
in direct competition with Linux of course, but it's the whole PR thing that
Jordan's mentioned from time to time.

I especially think that this should be an opportunity for us to educate
people about the whole of the BSD range, confusing though it may be to
an "outsider" at first.  I use FreeBSD day to day, and that's my choice, but
I've installed NetBSD as well and use it on other systems.  I also run
Linux, (that wasn't my choice :), however, I don't religiously advocate
one over any of the others, such that I'll refuse to use them: I have a
preference but I'm not blind to the other options.  Religiously
zealotry in the Unix world (and even more generally in the computing world)
has caused a lot of harm over the years (and still does), and I'm keen to
encourage a forum where we can educate and inform, rather than be seen to be
sniping away at each other, as seems to happen so often in places like


> Once a magazine is launched it will be incredibly difficult to rename it:
> is there any chance that we (the Usergroup) can get in now and
> suggest/recommend a name to Unix Answers, or Unix User, or (heh) Unix Format
> or something? ;-)

> If they are about to launch a new "Linux" magazine it would be really good
> if they could 'diversify' slightly to give equal (or at least some)
> coverage to all the main "home" Unixes..?  And for this, I think they do
> need the 'right' name that reflects that! (That Linux isn't strictly Unix,
> notwithstanding ;-)

> And as for the icing on the cake, we could maybe get the whole xBSD crowd
> (ie, NetBSD and OpenBSD as well) involved - the excellent DaemonNews has
> shown that things can work really well together. And then we could have Net
> and OpenBSD install files on the CD too...?

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