Upgrading to FreeBSD 3.2 etc

P.A.Osborne P.A.Osborne at ukc.ac.uk
Thu Sep 2 08:54:59 BST 1999

> Sun always seemed to make the point that the OS and the GUI are 2
> separate things. SunOS 5.6 is the OS proper and Solaris 2.6 is the
> whole working environment, including the windowing system
> (OpenWindows/CDE). I think the jump to 7 is because they merged
> the 2, I don't *think* that Solaris 7 has a base SunOS version.

Hmm,  here at UKC I and a colleague manage mail/news/web cache etc,  and
we are now shifting everything to Solaris 7 from earlier versionsover 
the summer as part of the grand (!) Y2K plan.  Our perception is that 
2.5 was the first really changed version of SunOS away from BSD style 
to SYSV,  2.6 was Sun's first attempt to switch to a microkernel (as 
most of the core stuff is now packages) but was a bit enthusiastic and 
2.7 seems to be the sensible stable release.  I guess that that switched 
the numbering 2.7 to 7 to avoid confusing new customers and so distinguish 
between versions.

But then I could be wrong!

Just for the advertising record we do use FreeBSD: its on two staff 
desktops that I know of,  running 6 CD ROM network servers,  running
our mbone routers and also our ftp and telnet proxy machines.  All of
our other services run on Sun hardware and so we use Solaris.  None
of our central services run on Linux as the feeling here is that its just
not stable and that the file system ext2fs  is.. well... 
erm.... bollocks (sorry - a staff machine died when we had a powercut it 
took the guy three days to fix the filing system - I didnt chuckle much
honest,  we did tell him that ext2fs is broken).


--must do some work

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