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David Marsh drmarsh at
Thu Sep 2 01:59:46 BST 1999

On 01-Sep-99, Rich Wood wrote:
> On 1 Sep 99, at 17:37, Roger Hardiman wrote:
>> Future Publishing (who print the PC Plus magazine) are about to
>> lanuch a new magazine in October called 


> Why not suggest they call is Unix answers (or is that not 'sexy'
> enough?). 
> I probably wouldn't even pick up a Linux magazine 'cos I hardly use
> it[1], however I would buy a decent Unix magazine.

I was just about to say the same thing!

Once a magazine is launched it will be incredibly difficult to rename it:
is there any chance that we (the Usergroup) can get in now and
suggest/recommend a name to Unix Answers, or Unix User, or (heh) Unix Format
or something? ;-)

I've been buying PC Plus on and off since they started including "Linux"
software on their cover CDs, some of which has been very useful on FreeBSD,
and saved a huge (expensive) download, eg, WordPerfect :-)

However, I always figured that, although PC Plus seems to be an
'intelligent' PC magazine, getting into the differences between various
Linuxes and various BSDs might just be a bit too complicated for them to
cover in what is still largely a Windoze magazine.

If they are about to launch a new "Linux" magazine it would be really good
if they could 'diversify' slightly to give equal (or at least some)
coverage to all the main "home" Unixes..?  And for this, I think they do
need the 'right' name that reflects that! (That Linux isn't strictly Unix,
notwithstanding ;-)

One thing that they could then do under such a banner (and for which I for
one, would almost definitely take out a subscription!) would be if they
could include various apps on the coverdisk (I presume it will have a cover
CD?) in a more FreeBSD-friendly format (ie, with the appropriate 'ports
skeletons') so that we can easily install things on our machines too. (Even
with downloading the portskels from myself, I have had some
difficulty getting some of their previous coverdisk software to work)

And as for the icing on the cake, we could maybe get the whole xBSD crowd
(ie, NetBSD and OpenBSD as well) involved - the excellent DaemonNews has
shown that things can work really well together. And then we could have Net
and OpenBSD install files on the CD too...?



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