FreeBSD Articles for new LINUX ANSWERS magazine

Andrew Boothman andrew at
Wed Sep 1 22:23:57 BST 1999

On 01-Sep-99 Mark Ovens wrote:
> OK, count me in. I'm prepared to put some effort into this, although
> I doubt that my technical ability would enable me to write a complete
> article by myself but I'm willing to contribute.

Ditto. I'd love to contribute, but I'm not sure about writing a whole article
by myself. I think we should maybe get a list of potential artical titles
together and decide what we want to tackle first. I guess an intoduction to
what FreeBSD is and where is come from would make sense for a first article.

Do we have any timescale on how quickly this needs to be done?

And we really do need to talk to them about the title. If we explain how a more
general title increases their potential readership, they may be easier to

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