PPP Configuration Problems!

Andrew Boothman andrew at cream.org
Wed Sep 1 20:59:42 BST 1999

On 01-Sep-99 Brian Somers wrote:
> $ ls -ln /usr/sbin/ppp
> -r-sr-xr--  1 0  69  239568 Aug 25 21:08 /usr/sbin/ppp

Ah Ha! I've found it. In one of my attempts to get this to work I'd removed the
's' from the permissions on ppp. A quick chmod u+s /usr/sbin/ppp has fixed it.
Many thanks for all your help.

I'm always interested in learning new things about Unix, so what exactly is
this 's' in the permissions? Is that the setuid bit that Mark mentioned? What
purpose does it serve?

Thanks once more.

Andrew Boothman <andrew at cream.org>
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