FreeBSD Articles for new LINUX ANSWERS magazine

Rich Wood rich at
Wed Sep 1 18:36:12 BST 1999

On 1 Sep 99, at 17:37, Roger Hardiman wrote:

> Future Publishing (who print the PC Plus magazine) are about to
> lanuch a new magazine in October called

If anyone needs to deal with them in person about anything (I've heard 
that they are bad at paying up), they are only a few minutes walk from my 
house and I'm more than happy to pay them a visit.


Why not suggest they call is Unix answers (or is that not 'sexy' enough?). 
I probably wouldn't even pick up a Linux magazine 'cos I hardly use it[1], 
however I would buy a decent Unix magazine.

[1] I've got an aging RedHat 4.2 box purely for the stable Token Ring 
support, something that FreeBSD is still lacking.


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