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Roger Hardiman roger at
Wed Sep 1 17:37:52 BST 1999


Future Publishing (who print the PC Plus magazine) are about to
lanuch a new magazine in October called


Along the same lines as their Windows Answers mag.

Following a suggestion from Jethro, I emailed their editor.
I mentioned FreeBSD and asked if he was interested in

And he is VERY INTERESTED. His reply was

  I'm interested! Keep talking. If I were to give you a couple
  of pages, what would you suggest we covered? News, reviews,
  tips and/or reviews?
  If so, what? Please let me know what you think.

I stuck my neck out and volunteered our User Group to write
a few things.

Now we need to remember we are borrowing space in what was going to
be a Linux Magazine, so I told them that as well as writing
FreeBSD specific stuff, alot of the things we write apply
to Linux, FreeBSD and lots of other UNIX systems.

So, if you are interested, then reply to this email and we can start
a thread to discuss this.

Ideas I had were
1) Running Multi-Head XFree86 - The XFree86 4.0 Beta
2) Setting up Samba, printer sharing and file sharing
3) Setting up a PPP dial up server

4) A review of Star Office against Office 97
5) A review of GIMP

6) Comparison of shells

There is endless potential for a 4 month (4 part)
course on shell script programming.
or on networking Windows 95/98/NT with FreeBSD and Linux.

The one thing I did not ask was.... How much they pay.

comments and suggestions please.
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