Printing from FreeBSD

Richard Smith richard
Sun Oct 31 22:31:26 GMT 1999

Ben Smithurst wrote:
> Hi,
> Just a quick query, does anyone have any suggestions for printers
> which are known to work with FreeBSD, or more specifically, with
> Ghostscript? I'm currently looking at an Epson Stylus Colour 660 or HP
> DeskJet 710C, 720C or 815C. Does anyone use any of these with FreeBSD,
> or can anyone suggest a printer which does work? (Preferably no more
> than 150 quid, so printers which understand PostScript themselves are
> pretty much out of the question.)
> I've looked at but a lot of
> the listed printers don't seem to be sold by the places whose ads I've
> looked at, since these things change so damn quickly.

I know the problem, I was looking for a cheap replacement for my rather
disappointing HP 690C a few weeks ago, and got similarly confused.

All I can suggest to you, is to avoid anything with "win" in the name,
or that doesn't specify DOS compatibility, as these are likely to be as
welcome as a winmodem in a unix convention.

Look for printers that emulate well known brands, particularly HP's PCL,
as even if you can't use every feature, you ought to be able to use it
with ghostscript using a generic driver.


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