Linux/UNIX bashing from Microsoft?

Jonathan Belson jon
Sun Oct 31 09:41:38 GMT 1999

On 30-Oct-99 L. Cranswick wrote:
> One recent thing that has definitely flipped me on
> the apparent superiority of the people who wrote
> the FreeBSD kernel over those doing the Linux kernel
> is playing around with a friend on some GPL'd software
> of ours by having a debug mode with a deliberate
> memory leak (which is not uncommon in user-land 
> programs).  Running this as a plain user program,
> this crashes/makes unusable: Win95, WinNT 4, 
> All types of Linux running X and in command
> line mode, Solaris 7, IRIX 6.5.x.  However, FreeBSD
> 3.3 (and Digital UNIX 4.0d for Dec Alpha) seem to
> be able to carry on regardless (and thus give an
> operator a chance working out what process is running
> amok if they do notice a performance problem)
> A good OS kernel should not allow a user-land 
> program to make it un-usable.

Which (if any) of the systems were using quotas?

> PS: Pointing this out on some advocacy newsgroups got
> the main response that anyone who says anything
> negative about Linux kernel (even if the same thing
> applies to the Microsoft Kernel) is a troll of MS.

That's the main reason I switched back to *BSD land.
(Apart from that stupid mascot 8^).



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