Linux/UNIX bashing from Microsoft?

Helen McCall helen
Sat Oct 30 11:59:58 BST 1999

Hello Tristan,

On Fri, 29 Oct 1999, Tristan Woerth wrote:

> Has anybody read that one already?

Yes! Fascinating isn't it? ;-)

We examined this carefully on the lbc discussion group. Our findings were
as follows:

1) The document does not conform with British Advertising Standards in
that it contains a number of directly untruthful statements, along with a
lot of misleading statements.

2) Microsoft would be liable to a criminal prosecution for false and
misleading advertising if they were to make this document available from a
server in Britain. 

3) We could only find this document on servers in the USA, where false and
misleading advertising appears to be legal! We could not find it on any of
the msn servers in Docklands.

4) The Trading Standards Authority cannot prosecute Microsoft because they
have the document located in USA not Britain.

5) Microsoft were probably trying to provoke a loony-geek type response
from the Linux/BSD communities to try and discredit us in the eyes of
potential commercial users.

6) That Microsoft failed to get a loony-geek response, and only succeeded
in getting a thoroughly rational business-like examination of their
shameful advertising practices.

7) The only further response needed is a confident smile at the sad state
of a multi-billion dollar company having to resort to such silly behaviour
in their panic over the success of a lot of very creditable competitors! 


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