FreeBSD Install Problems

Parry, Ben Ben.Parry
Tue Oct 26 13:09:31 BST 1999


I'm a new user of FreeBSD and I'm having some problems with installing it on
one of my machines.  We currently have a computer acting as a Fax server for
an SAP installation it currently runs FreeBSD 2.2.5 - Release and MGETTY Fax
1.1.19.  We are looking to upgrade FreeBSD to 3.2 (mainly for Y2K issues).
I suppose the real question here is has 
anybody had any experience with upgrading?  The problem I 'm having is that
I'm attemping to install FreeBSD 2.2.5 to another machine so that I can
attempt the upgrade without causing any impact on the current system.  The
disks the machine now uses are based on the Symbios Logic c810 SCSI
Controller.  In the release notes 2.2.5 says it supports this controller BUT
I can't get the FreeBSD to recognise the disks.  It says that the disks
haven't been probed.  How can I get the disks recognised at start up so I
can install FreeBSD on to them?  I'm using the CD-ROM to boot from and
install the system.  Any ideas?

Ben Parry

SAP Basis Team
Compaq Computer Ltd,
Phone    (01454) 62 3223
E-Mail    Ben.Parry at

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