How do I fix a "still dirty" filesystem?

David Marsh drmarsh
Mon Oct 25 20:40:29 BST 1999

On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Paul Richards wrote:
> Jo Root wrote:
> > 
> > Ah, do I _have_ to be in single user mode to run fsck?
> Not necessarily, but the filesystem you're fixing shouldn't be mounted.
> Although fsck will run on a mounted filesystem it will always be dirty
> and it can potentially cause damage.

Ah, I should maybe peruse the manual (or * again more

> > > What was in this "innocent" archive of yours?
> > 
> > It was the xfmail-1.3.8-1.tgz archive from
> > 
> > It contains:
> > 
> > gatehouse# tar zvtf /home/dm/portdists/xfmail-1.3.8-1.tgz
> > drwx------ root/root         0 Oct 24 02:56 1999 ./
> > (Oh, hang on, should the permissions on '/' be as above?
> > That's what mine is now (except root:wheel instead))
> No it shouldn't, that's your problem.
> chmod 755 /
> should fix everything for you.

Yep, it did. <major relief>

Thanks to everybody else who spotted that: I'm back to normal (whatever
that is), now.

You can all post messages and laugh at me for being so stupid now.. ;-\

On a side note, just how do the file permissions work? By the look of this
gaffe of mine, would I be right in assuming that a person or process trying
to look at a file needs a 'clear path' all the way down from '/', even if
they're only looking at a file at around the same 'level' further down in
the tree (eg, would the file permissions on / and /usr affect whether users
poking around in /usr/home were able to look at their own files (and each
others) if their home directories were set for appropriate group access?

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