cheap freebsd screamer

Jonathan Belson jon
Thu Oct 21 18:42:57 BST 1999

On 20-Oct-99 Clare & Peter Stubbs wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've finally fulfilled a long standing dream of owning an SMP freebsd 
> box, so I thought I'd mention it just in case it was someone elses 
> dream as well.

I have a dual p2-400 here - it's pretty nice.

Shooting off at a tangent here, does anyone know the current status of
FreeeBSD SMP?  Does the kernel run on one CPU and processor on the
other or does it balance loads?

AIUI kernel threads are still to come - linux has the clone() command
but there's no FreeBSD equivalent yet.  Any ideas when?

I doubt it'll finds much favour with you guys, but BeOS *rocks* on a
dual (or more) machine.



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