cheap freebsd screamer

Andrew Boothman andrew
Thu Oct 21 00:21:09 BST 1999

On 20-Oct-99 Clare & Peter Stubbs wrote:
> ABIT make a dual celeron mother board called a BP6 which is 
> about ?105, and the celeron 400's are about ?50 each, which has 
> to be good value. So for about ?200 you can have 800mhz of 
> FreeBSD on your desktop!

Lucky bar-steward!!

And here's me sitting with my P90! I keep on feeling tempted by the low prices
on motherboards and processors, but apart from compiling stuff I don't rekon I
really need the extra power.

That point aside, has anyone used that TMC TI5VG+ board? It's got 2 SIMM as
well as 3 DIMM sockets, so I'm thinking that someone upgrading from an old
board like mine can keep 2 of their old SIMMs and save themselves some money,
while still being able to use the new DIMMs when you decide you want to upgrade.

The board's definatly available from if you've never seen it.
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