cheap 100 Meg ethernet cards

Roger Hardiman roger
Wed Oct 20 17:40:03 BST 1999


> Samsung 1200TX 10/100 work well with FreeBSD.
=A323 pound each =

> Digital 21140 chipset PCI.

Where can I get these from?
Do you have a contact number?


> Getting closer to your price. What are you going to use for a hub ?
> 100M only are cheapest but a real pain if you have even
> one piece of 10M kit.

No problem there.
We are adding a new network card to our router and effectivly
creating 2 subnets in our office.
Slow users stay on the old subnet
New fast users join the new subnet.

To preserve IPs, we will set up static routing tables for the
fast and slow machines on the FreeBSD router box.

So, to answer your question, Insight have a 8 port 100 meg
hub ny Dynalink for =A375 inc vat.


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