cheap 100 Meg ethernet cards

Roger Hardiman roger
Wed Oct 20 17:18:46 BST 1999


> Understood - unfortunatly I've not had a chance to use anything
> capable in 100 environment other than the Intels and the SMCs.

Ok, well somewhere between 10 and 100 will do me for speed.

The point of the upgrade is to stream video at about 20 Megs
rather than 10 Megs.
If we go any higher than that, our Network Admin people 
may jump on us for hogging the campus network. :-)

However, your suggestions of Intel cards are good.

It has made me think of a Plan. :-)
I'm considering good quality cards for our router,
and let the users on our subnet have what ever cards they want.

That way, our router will not be a bottleneck.


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