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Tue Oct 19 13:03:59 BST 1999

On Tue, Oct 19, 1999 at 11:39:43AM +0100, David Stocks wrote:
> > http://www.smilemyway.com
> > 
> > :-) Smile My Way - A True Story That will make you laugh and make you
> > cry, but most of all it will make you feel good!
> > 
> Get the gun paw, another one of the dogs got loose.
> On a totally unrelated subject, does anybody know if Harlequin's MLWorks
> will run under FBSD's linux emulation?  I'm using 2.2.6 but when I upgrade
> I was thinking of starting clean with the latest version of FBSD.  One of
> my flatmates has got SuSE Linux which will run it, (obviously), but...
> linux always struck me as a bit girly with the conf files in the wrong
> places.
> >From what I've seen on the web page 3.3 is the latest version... is that
> the recomended flavour?  (It didn't say if it was -RELEASE or -STABLE).  I
> know I'm a little behind, but this is work related so I don't normally
> bother following the latest version (hell I still use win95, none of this
> NT/98 sillyness).
> And where's the best place to get the CD's from, if I was wanting to get
> the full deal (not one of the CheapBytes mininal install things)?  I know
> that WC do this sorta things, but I'm always a little wary when prices are
> listed in $.


is the place you want to go. I've used them before and you get next
day delivery. Alas they appear to be temporarily out of stock of
3.3 :(

> Cheers,
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