HP printers & FreeBSD?

Brian Somers brian
Mon Oct 4 18:03:56 BST 1999

> Having given in to my SO's nagging and decided to buy a new printer, my
> next task is to make sure it works with our favourite OS before handing
> over the cash... The printer in question will probably be from HP simply
> because I've never owned/used one that gave me any trouble, whereas the
> same cannot be said for certain others :-(  Anyway, looking through the
> specs for the current crop of Deskjets, many of them apparently use
> something called 'Printing Performance Architecture' -- these also seem to
> be the models that don't even offer Mac support, so I assume the 'Printing
> Performance Architecture' is some kind of poxy WinPrinter thing that is
> best avoided.  The rest of the range talks PCL Level 3 which I believe is
> fine for tools such as GhostScript et. al.
> Any confirmation that these are valid assumptions would be appreciated.
> Please cc: to me as I'm not subscribed to -questions these days.

FWIW, I agree with your philosophy.  I can't claim to know anything 
about ``PPA'', but in my book, PostScript = best, pcl = good, 
anything else = bad :*I

> Many TIA,
> 	Scott
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