Kevin O'Connor NetWork Support kevin at rainford.org.uk
Fri Oct 29 10:49:42 BST 1999

this posting probably goes to prove that there is life after brain 
death, though I know I'll do a backup so I fitted a tape on a nice 
new SCSI card ran dump  /sbin/dump  -0ua -f /dev/rst0  /usr  and 
went home. Came in this morning to find the / file system sitting at 
108% and the dump failed with / file system full mount volume 2.
OK so some of you have probably fallen off you chairs with laughter 
by now but at lest I've worked out that the /dev/rst0 file is huge and 
the dump went to the wrong place some one tell me what I've done 
wrong PLEASE It's not this hard with sbackup on a Novell system

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