Delinquent IP connection problem !

Philip Wainwright philip at
Sat Oct 23 16:17:24 BST 1999

Hi !

I'me a new user (new to freeBSD) with a tricky network
problem, on a first time installation.

The network :
Small ethernet with a few machines including obviously the
freeBSD system, hooked onto the internet via a dial up ISDN

The problem:
If any connection on the local network, is made to the
freeBSD system (just a connection is sufficient, no log in),
freeBSD establishes an internet connection (thus costing a
phone call etc..)  !!!

This is odd since the machine telnetting to the freeBSD
system, is on the _same_ network as the freeBSD system !

I suspect the getty process is doing some remote
communication, but what it is I haven't a clue.

Anyone ideas ?



philip at

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