How do I kill off squid (under FreeBSD)?

David Marsh drmarsh at
Fri Oct 22 17:49:07 BST 1999

I recently installed squid (the web proxy) to experiment with it, before
discovering wwwoffle, which appears to better meet my needs.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to kill squid off!
If it try to 'kill' it, or even use squid -k, it stil restarts itself a few
minutes later.

I asked on the squid-users list, and got some 'useful' answers, which gave
me some clues which I attempted to follow, but I'm still stuck.

I started squid by running it from the command line while I was root, and
ever since then, it's had its inky tentacles wrapped around my machine..

I've looked everywhere I can think of in /etc, grepped around, but I can't
see anything that appears to start squid (or RunCache, which is associated
with it), yet, every time I boot up, I can see it being started in the boot

Does anybody know how I can kill this darn thing?

(On a related note, how *do* the various packages which start up at bootup
time know how to do this? There doesn't seem to be appropriate entries for
some of them (such as squid and wwwoffle) in files such as 
/etc/rc.conf, /etc/defaults/rc.conf, /etc/inetd.conf...)

I'm running FreeBSD 3.2, BTW, and squid Version 2.1.PATCH2.



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