anybody using FreeBSD for news?

Ian Pallfreeman ip at
Thu Oct 21 15:09:09 BST 1999

Hi Chaps,

It seems that rather than upgrading my Sun/Solaris news server, I'll get to 
replace it with a couple of PC/FreeBSD boxes. Anyone out there already using
FreeBSD for chucking news around? 

Right now I've got a dual 166MHz SS10 with 384MB of memory. News spools to
a Sparc Storage Array with 8 spindles through a fibrechannel controller;
history and overview are on the built-in narrow SCSI bus. FDDI rather than
ethernet. I'm running with 5 fullish inbound and about 10 outbound feeds,
and a small heap of others, plus several hundred readers (not concurrent).

I'm looking to split the service into a feeder/reader pair. The peer box
will most likely have smallish, fastish RAID 0+1 disk subsystem attached,
(I'm thinking Adaptec Ultra2/W here), whereas the NNRP box will probably 
have a bigger RAID 5 (DPT probably). IDE disks for the everything other
than news itself. Either 1 or 2 Intel 100MBs ethernet cards in each box. 

If any of you good fellows has any gotchas or useful hints about serving
news with FreeBSD, I'd appreciate hearing them. I'll be most delighted to
lose my last Solaris box -- I've moved just about everything else over to
FreeBSD. :-)


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