cheap 100 Meg ethernet cards

Robert J.Dunlop rjd at
Wed Oct 20 17:32:19 BST 1999

> Intel cards are nice, but as my email said, I want CHEAP cards.
> These Intel ones work out at over £40 each.
> I can only afford around £15-£20 per card.
> So, it has to be Cheap.
> Does anyone have any suggestions in my price range?
> Cheers
> Roger

Samsung 1200TX 10/100 work well with FreeBSD. £23 pound each (although we
normally buy them with a system which may be a factor).
Digital 21140 chipset PCI.

Getting closer to your price. What are you going to use for a hub ?
100M only are cheapest but a real pain if you have even one piece of 10M

	Bob Dunlop

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