cheap 100 Meg ethernet cards

Martin Hopkins martin.hopkins at
Wed Oct 20 17:10:44 BST 1999

>>>>> "Roger" =3D=3D Roger Hardiman <roger at> writes:

    Roger> Richard Smith wrote:

    >> > So, we want some cheapo 100 Meg PCI network cards for our
    >> > FreeBSD boxes.
    >> >
    >> I just followed JKH's recommendations in the handbook at
    >> and use the Inte=
    >> PRO/100+ Management Adapter (was =A3219 for a 5 pack from Inmac)=

    Roger> Intel cards are nice, but as my email said, I want CHEAP car=
    Roger> These Intel ones work out at over =A340 each.
    Roger> I can only afford around =A315-=A320 per card.

    Roger> So, it has to be Cheap.

    Roger> Does anyone have any suggestions in my price range?

I'm afraid I have to agree with everyone else, the Intel cards rule.
My only advice is don't touch a Kingston card, I can't recall how much=20=

they cost but they aren't worth it!.


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