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:-) Smile My Way - A True Story That will make you laugh and make you
cry, but most of all it will make you feel good!

This new e-book will have the reader on an emotional roller coaster from
laughter to tears.  Gabriel's amazing struggle to overcome fate and
realize his dream of freedom will enlighten and inspire people from all
walks of life.  This story is for those that want to feel really good
after reading it.

Smile My Way chronicles the life of Gabriel, a Mexican national born
with a terrible challenge.  Through the pages the reader will join in
the triumphs and heartaches as he deals with his lot in life.  From his
near death birth prognosis to first love, to simple freedom, his
experiences will lighten your hardship, what ever it is.

Smile My Way is jointly written by Gabriel, the subject, and
Terry Hastings.  The latter is quoted as saying "I have written a lot of
things but Gabriel's story was the toughest.  I had to stop writing on
many occasions because of being overcome by emotion."

Smile My Way is available only at the web site: 

Gabriel Najera
Smile My Way
(281) 447-3460
pressinfo at smilemyway.com

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