HP printers & FreeBSD?

Scott Mitchell s.mitchell at computer.org
Mon Oct 4 16:43:48 BST 1999

Having given in to my SO's nagging and decided to buy a new printer, my
next task is to make sure it works with our favourite OS before handing
over the cash... The printer in question will probably be from HP simply
because I've never owned/used one that gave me any trouble, whereas the
same cannot be said for certain others :-(  Anyway, looking through the
specs for the current crop of Deskjets, many of them apparently use
something called 'Printing Performance Architecture' -- these also seem to
be the models that don't even offer Mac support, so I assume the 'Printing
Performance Architecture' is some kind of poxy WinPrinter thing that is
best avoided.  The rest of the range talks PCL Level 3 which I believe is
fine for tools such as GhostScript et. al.

Any confirmation that these are valid assumptions would be appreciated.
Please cc: to me as I'm not subscribed to -questions these days.

Many TIA,


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