Problem installing 3.2

Neil Ford maillistsubs
Wed Jun 30 23:18:12 BST 1999

I know this might not be the best place, but it's a better start that working out which official list to use :-)

I'm trying to install 3.2 from CD and I'm getting a kernal panic.  The error message is Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel
mode.  This seems to occur when it tries to copy the first chunk of the doc dist.

Anyone any ideas or can direct me to the correct place to raise this?

For the record the box is homebuilt, has a P120 in it, 32Mb RAM and a 6Gb HD.  I successfully installed 3.0 on it only a week or so
ago (to test the hardware).

All advice greatly appreciated.

Neil C. Ford
neil at

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