KVM Switch

Nik Clayton nik
Wed Jun 30 20:36:33 BST 1999

On Wed, Jun 30, 1999 at 08:50:27AM +0100, Richard Smith wrote:
> Anyone here use a KVM switch with FreeBSD?


> I would be interested in any experiences as I am trying to source one at
> the moment.

I'm using a Belkin OmniView SE 4 Port, bought from Action Computers
(action.com, or action.co.uk, or something like that).  I've had no
problems with it.  It lets me switch between my FreeBSD desktop and
my Win98 desktop (or, to be more precise, my "Team Fortress Classic"
desktop) with no problems.

It's electronic, rather than manual, which is, IMHO, a good thing -- 
it keeps power going to the hosts' keyboard and mouse ports, some machines
get touchy if you don't plug the mouse in until after it's booted, or
unplug the mouse mid-session, which is a how a manual switch would appear.

Set me back about GBP 190 or so.  Using it is a doddle.  I've only got 
two machines, so I either hit the switch on the front, or tap scroll
lock twice and then do either "0 1" or "0 2".  It doesn't have any of the
on-screen menus that some of the fancier switches have, but they'll set
you back a few hundred more.

GBP 190 is a bit expensive, but I rationalised it as being considerably
less than the cost of a second monitor (not to mention all the extra 
deskspace (which I don't have) that it would take up.

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