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Tony Finch dot at
Wed Jun 23 18:14:17 BST 1999

Brian Somers writes:
> [.....]
> > Tony F & Joe K have said they'll probably turn up.  Tony's from 
> > London (I think) and Joe's from Brighton, so I suspect London really 
> > is the best bet.  Tony, how are you with pubs ?

I'm not particularly knowledgeable of central London pubs, I'm afraid,
since my local's in Finchley where I live & work.

> Can someone make a suggestion - ASAP ?

As a default we can go to the Prince of Wales at the corner of Long
Acre and Drury Lane which was used for the last London meet.
Covent Garden & Holborn are the nearest tube stations.,+WC2&~&~&~

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