[Freebsd-users] Re: cvs commit: src/etc pccard.conf.sample

Brian Somers brian at Awfulhak.org
Wed Jun 23 11:19:25 BST 1999

> I think Saturday was the only thing on the Cards last time Mark knew 
> anything about any meetings.... and London was the only place 
> mentioned.
> Tony F & Joe K have said they'll probably turn up.  Tony's from 
> London (I think) and Joe's from Brighton, so I suspect London really 
> is the best bet.  Tony, how are you with pubs ?  I'm a kept man, so I 
> rarely get to sample Londons delights (hey, I rarely get to go out 
> for a beer either !).  I suspect we need to decide on a location 
> pretty soon either way, otherwise people will have a good excuse not 
> to be able to make it !

Mark rang me this morning.  He's staying in Barnett, and is available 
on Sunday, so I suspect that'll be the day.  He's got access to email, 
although probably only once a day and I've got his phone number.

He has a wheelchair in tow, so Oxford is pretty much out (sorry 
Paul!).  I'd suggest somewhere in the West End - maybe Covent Garden 
or Leicester Square, but I know next to nothing about the pubs around 

Can someone make a suggestion - ASAP ?

Also, is anybody going to be driving in that could see their way to 
go back via Barnett ?  Dom (non-drinker) and Paul (maybe driving 
anyway) spring to mind :*)

I'd suggest a time of about 19:00.

Takers ?

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