user group funding

Lee Johnston lee
Fri Jul 30 12:58:47 BST 1999

Sorry about the delayed response...

The user group currently has no funding other than that of hard work and
support from it's members.

The CD idea may work, but as other members say we can already get a FreeBSD
CD Set from quite a few companies in the UK and the US for less than ?30,

Maybe we could customise the CD Set, include something relative to the UK
BSD Community, a UK FreeBSD e-zine???



On Tue, Jul 27, 1999 at 05:06:02PM +0100, Roger Hardiman wrote:
> Richard wrote:
> > Don't Walnut Creek already ship in bulk to the UK and the send the
> > individual subscriber packages from somewhere in the home counties?
> Yes it does.
> Thet all go through a company in Surry I think.
> Their address is on my CD set box.
> bye
> roger
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