Dominic Mitchell dom
Wed Jul 28 08:10:14 BST 1999

On Mon, Jul 26, 1999 at 01:38:49PM +0100, Wood, Richard wrote:
> Probably the easiest thing to do is configure POP3 on the Exchange server
> and use fetchmail from the unix box.
> If you are doing this, the username you give has to be of the form
> domain/username/alias , i.e. for one of mine where the domain is "MIS", the
> NT domain username "richard" and the mailbox alias "rich" you would give the
> username "mis/richard/rich". IIRC you can leave the mailbox name out if it
> is the same as the username.

1) It's better to use IMAP - Exchange supports this, and fetchmail works
   better with it.

2) Here's the fetchmail config I use for reference.

# @(#) $Id: fetchmail.rc,v 1.3 1999/07/26 07:13:09 dom Exp $

# Global options.
set postmaster "dom"
set daemon 300
set syslog

# Work mail server.
poll ho-nt-01 with proto IMAP
       user "PHM_HO/Dom/D.Mitchell" there with password "XXX" is dom here

Note the 3 part login, as mentioned above...  I only managed to find
mine by accident!


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