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Josef Karthauser joe
Tue Jul 27 17:01:56 BST 1999

On Tue, Jul 27, 1999 at 04:50:50PM +0100, Roger Hardiman wrote:
> Joe,
> >What we could do is place a bulk order from Walnut for the disks
> > and then resell them in the UK so as to save postage.
> That would be a good idea.
> We would effectivly become a distributor like DGC or
> the Public Domain Software Library.
> The only worry, is that we need to put the cash up first
> to get the disks, and we could end up with a pile of unsold
> disks when the next release comes out.
> just a thought anyway.
> bye
> Roger

True, on the otherhand don't Walnut _always_ have left over stock?
That being the case can't we do a deal to pay them on what gets sold
rather than what gets shipped?

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