user group funding

P.A.Osborne P.A.Osborne
Tue Jul 27 16:54:21 BST 1999

> What we could do is place a bulk order from Walnut for the disks 
> and then resell
> them in the UK so as to save postage.

True,  but then could we do it any cheaper than say DGC who already
do that?

As there is the costs of importation duty if the goods are worth
more than around 20 quid,  postage from the US,  then repackaging
and postage in the UK.  Does anyone *really* want to have to do
all of this?  To be honest I dont partly because I have enough to do 
as it is and also I am a lazy forgetfull so and so....

I cant tell what the PDSL charge as their catalogue is not online,
nor can I tell how the price compares to subscription from Walnut Creek.


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