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Tue Jul 27 12:15:13 BST 1999

"Wood, Richard" wrote:
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> > From: David Richards [mailto:hellmary_29 at]
> > Sent: 26 July 1999 13:26
> > hello
> >        I have recently set up a test network with
> > freebsd,linux nt. At the
> > moment. My exchange server has the internet connect and also
> > collects my
> > mail. How would i get freebsd/linux to collect the mail from
> > the exchange
> > server?
> Probably the easiest thing to do is configure POP3 on the Exchange server
> and use fetchmail from the unix box.
> If you are doing this, the username you give has to be of the form
> domain/username/alias , i.e. for one of mine where the domain is "MIS", the
> NT domain username "richard" and the mailbox alias "rich" you would give the
> username "mis/richard/rich". IIRC you can leave the mailbox name out if it
> is the same as the username.

Slightly less easy, but much cooler, get exchange to forward the mail
directly to sendmail on FreeBSD. In exchange: 

1) create a new custom recipient (invent an alternative name) pointing
it to your smtp address on the FreeBSD machine "<username>@<hostname>". 

2) edit your existing local mailbox, to forward mail to the alternative
address. (delivery options tab).

3) edit the alternative address (again), to hide it from the address
book (Advanced tab).

Now mail gets forwarded immediately, without having to go get it.

Works for me :)

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