Multiple Ethernet Cards and Backups

Richard Smith richard
Thu Jul 22 12:43:10 BST 1999

Evan Smith wrote:
> I've just installed a FreeBSD 3.2 server with 4 Ethernet Cards.  Each
> has its own IP address and entry in /etc/rc.conf . I keep getting the
> following messages on the system console:
> "Jul 22 09:41:24 Intranet /Kernel :  arp: is on de0 but
> got reply from 08:00:20:96:ce:48 on de2"

It looks to me like two of your NICs are on the same physical wire (or
same hub or same switch), so an arp broadcast on de0 is being replied to
on de2. Or am I totally off the mark :/

> is a router and de0 and de3 are 2 of the ethernet cards.
> There are loads of these messages with various combinations of cards and
> IP addresses.
> As far as I can tell the Ethernet Cards are working fine.
> Are these messages normal?
> Why are the messages appearing?
> How do I stop them appearing and correct any problem?
> I would like to schedule some backup routines overnight.  Can anyone
> recommend the best way to schedule batch files.  In AIX I can use
> crontabs which schedule files to run at variuos times and with various
> options.  Is there a similar system with FreeBSD?

Yes, we have a cron :) Check out cron(1), crontab(1) and crontab(5)


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