Using a mail account on dogma

Ben Smithurst ben
Wed Jul 21 22:29:17 BST 1999

Mark Ovens wrote:

> BTW Ben, I've installed par(1) which you recommended. Does a good
> job of re-formatting quoted text in e-mails, but could you send me
> details of how you have the PARINIT envar setup, and what arguments
> you use when formatting e-mails as I've found a couple of situations
> in which it screws up. e.g.

I just use the default PARINIT, and no command line options to par.

> I've spent quite some time reading the manpage, but can't work out
> how to fix it.

I realise it's not perfect, but in the cases above I'll just format
the text in the paragraphs around them separately, and not bother
reformatting those bits which par would screw up on. I may have a tinker
with it anyway, I'll let you know if I figure anything out.

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