Frustration with Samba

David Stocks dgs
Wed Jul 7 00:24:04 BST 1999

At 22:08 06/07/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Don't know about using samba this way. I start up the two daemons
>'smbd' and 'nmbd' at boot up time and they do all the work happily.
>You might try this way. I think you may have to do extra work to
>make it work from inetd.conf.

Yeah, to be honest I'm not to sure about using inetd.  I'm basically looking
for the easiest solution possible here, and the guide that I read (the FBSD
Diary article) suggested doing it that way... I looked at inetd.conf and the
lines were at the end and commented out so I thought... hey, what the hell.

I've tried manually starting smbd and then nmbd (as root) with the -D option
(which should tell both processes to run as daemons), but they wait pause
for a second before returning to the root prompt.  Using "ps ax" doesn't
show any sign of either, no dumped core, no errors or warnings.

I've used testparm too, which doesn't find any problems with my .conf file,
though I've taken the extra step in putting the line:

netbios name = my_name_under_netbios

in too, though from looking at smb.conf(5) samba should take the netbios
name from the first part of my machines FQDN.

It's frustrating, with the added knowledge that it's probably going to be
something really obvious I've just been too dim to spot.

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