Problem installing 3.2

Neil Ford maillistsubs
Thu Jul 1 22:10:46 BST 1999

Following up my own message...

Did some more investigation and found the problem was an overheating CPU thanks to a duff fan!!  All is working fine now and a new
fan will be installed as soon as I get a free lunchtime to nip down the shop.


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> I know this might not be the best place, but it's a better
> start that working out which official list to use :-)
> I'm trying to install 3.2 from CD and I'm getting a kernal
> panic.  The error message is Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel
> mode.  This seems to occur when it tries to copy the first
> chunk of the doc dist.
> Anyone any ideas or can direct me to the correct place to raise this?
> For the record the box is homebuilt, has a P120 in it, 32Mb
> RAM and a 6Gb HD.  I successfully installed 3.0 on it only a
> week or so
> ago (to test the hardware).
> All advice greatly appreciated.
> Neil.
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> Neil C. Ford
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