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Thu Jul 1 16:30:08 BST 1999

On Thu, Jul 01, 1999 at 02:40:24PM +0100, roger at cs.strath.ac.uk wrote:
> test - please ignore
> roger

Sorry Roger - this took a little while to come through for the following
	"It is too easy to upgrade FreeBSD!".

Let me explain.  I've got a new box on the network and thought that I'd
upgrade it to 3.2-LATEST, from 3.2-LATESTBUTONE.  I cvsup'd and rebuilt it
which took 2 hours 30 min, make a new kernel, mergemastered the config
and rebooted.  After about 20 minutes I realised that I'd upgraded the _wrong_
box! :) :)  The box I upgraded was melt.server.pavilion.net aka
listserver.uk.freebsd.org, which coincidently hasn't been rebooted since
I installed postfix/mailman and therefore I didn't know that postfix didn't 
start at boot time!  Doh!.

All fixed now though.

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