Need testers "Business Apps for FreeBSD" by Walnut Creek

Roger Hardiman roger
Thu Jul 1 13:26:32 BST 1999



Walnut Creek produce a CD called "Business Apps for Linux"
"The best business and productivity apps for Linux"

They are willing to send the UKUG a few free copies of the disk
so we can check FreeBSD compatibility (with our linux emulation)

We have to check the apps install and run on FreeBSD.
I expect that installation scripts will need changing
and we may need some makefiles writing or some shell scripts.

Walnut Creek can then rename the disk
  "Business Apps for Linux and FreeBSD"

If you want the CD, and are willing to write install scripts,
makefiles and do some testing, please let me know.

This project has Jordan Hubbard's blessing.

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