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Roger Hardiman roger at
Tue Jul 27 16:39:12 BST 1999

The group currently has no funding that I know off.
(Lee would know for sure).

It is all volunteer based, with the web hosting donated by
Ian and Joe at Manchester Computer Centre and Pavillion Internet

As for buring our own CDs.... It can be done.
We cannot just simply copy the Walnut Creek CD set.

However, we can make our own CD sets.
This is something I did myself once (for 3.1-RELEASE)
I simply downloaded the files from the ftp site
and made a CD. I even made it a bootable CD, just like the
real Walnut Creek disks.

This is already done by one other company, called
CheapBytes (
You can get their FreeBSD on a CD ROM for about 5 quid.
Their release is on 2 disks, and not the 4 which Walnut Creek
sell, so it misses the source for the ports. Binaries only.
And it misses the CVS and email list archives.
(No big loss for many users)

We could make a disk.
But mass producing CDs on a 2x or 4x CD writer is a slow and
painfull job, especially when you only make 3 quid profit
(disk set for 5 quid, media is 1 pound a disk)

What does everyone else thing?

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